Welcome to Pape Strahlenschutz GmbH
Your specialist for technical glass

Our company is located in the „heart of Germany“ about 70 km south of Hannover.
Technical glass fascinates us & with more than several decades in cooperation with Schott AG.

Your advantages:
  • our lean organization guarantees the fastest possible response to customer inquiries
  • Stock sheets of Pb value 0.5 mm (RD 30®) 1.2 mm up to 6.1 mm (RD 50®)
  • Higher lead equivalents can be achieved by using composites
  • other tube voltages can be calculated upon request
  • competetive prices, flexibility in price structure
  • high product quality level « Made in Germany »
  • wide product range: tempered float glass, quartz glass, welding protection glass, furnace sight glass, glass tubes made of borosilicate glass, hard glass, laminated safety glass, float glass, sapphire glass, rs glass, curved glass, medical products
Our skills:
  • radiation shielding glass in combination with PVB-foil and float glass 3 - 8 mm one or two sided
  • cast-in-place lamination process
  • round glasses DIA 10 - 350 mm
  • individual profile cut
  • edges (matt) grinded and polished
  • mitre joint, i.e. 45 degree
  • drill hole dia 5- 290 mm
  • matting
  • marking
  • converting heat-aborbing glass
  • jalousie inside
  • frames and spacer